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(Open to...anyone in SunndyD)

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So, after a hard day of ... doing not so much, I come home, practically burn the house down, and now Ahn is telling me she wants a dog. A puppy. A small, licking creature that's evil. Wouldn't be so bad, but she mentioned that it would give us 'practice.' Practice -- the only thing I'm guessing for is kids. Kids that we'd have to raise in a town like this with vampires and demons and the like and yeah, me being a father? One of my worst nightmares is becoming like my dad and that's something that could be a possibility if I was breeding.

But, since I'm a breeder, being a male and Ahn wants a dog to practice, I guess it won't be such a big deal. I mean, it is just a dog, not a baby. I'm sure I could do a pretty good job at that. The walking, feeding, playing part could come easy and make me a better person in the Xander book of Smarts or something. Okay, that sounded so much better ... before. In my head and stuff. Okay, now I'm just confusing myself.

Sighing, I give her a glance and take a bite of my pizza.

I want to give her everything that she wants. I love her so much and if this would make her happy, then I'm happy.

"In the morning, we'll get a puppy." Oh please God, don't let her name it some sissy name. Or Money. Cash, Checks, anything.

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I felt this strange sensation. A feeling? Yes. I had a feeling and I knew exactly what it was. Finally, it's time! Time for...

"Day to become night and the prophecy comes true." I walked out of the darkness with my harbrings and smiled a delightful smile. This form was so innocent but dirty at the same time. How she lasted so long is beyond my imagination. She was such a bitch and useless as The Slayer. She should've took some pointers from that other one. But too late, she's where she belongs. In hell!

"Too bad you're dead...Buffy Summers." I hissed as I could feel the sun disappearing. It was time. My time to finally do what was meant to be. I'll find the knife and watch their blood drip below my feet, feeding me as I grow and become flesh. Then when they've bled just enough, I'll snap their necks and eat their flesh off their bones.

"Go to Sunnydale and find the Kar'rathmanar! If you can't, I'll rip out your hearts and feed it to you. Understand?" I watched as my Bringers fled the dark cavern and disappeared out of my sight. As they disppeared, I felt the barrier holding me in here shatter.

"Freedom!" I snapped my fingers and disappeared, reappearing in the destroyed highschool in Sunnydale. The power from this place was exilerating.

"Welcome to the hellmouth." I leaned down and watched my hand go right through the concrete. I could feel the power of this wonderful place. It was good to be here, finally. I've been waiting so long for this to happen and now, it has. I'm free and I'm not holding back. I attempted to do what I wanted with Angel. I played nice but not this time. No, not at all. He resisted once but not this time. The Slayer's friends will pay for her insulance. They'll all pay. Every human will pay.

"Their blood will spill and I will rise flesh and blood, spreading evil throughout this world like a disease. Nothing will be safe from my ruine of destruction and darkness. Humans will be devoured and forgotten. Nothing will be safe. Nothing! I'll rip the flesh off of every humans body and slurp it back as their last breath leaves their body, just so they can watch me devour every piece of them." I walked out of the debris area and walked slowly down the street.

It'll be glorious. The world will be covered in skeletons! Buffy's friends skulls will cover my thrown, while her skull itself will be wrapped around my neck like a diamond necklace. Oh, it will be fun. I think I'll go and dig up her grave.

I'm here Sunnydale and I'll make each and every one of the Slayers friends pay. They think that the white hats can always save the day. Wrong. Not this time. No, not this time at all!

[[Open to Drusilla!]]
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(continued from here

Lindsey wasn't saying anything. In fact he was hardly moving at all, and I began to worry that he'd drawn into himself so much that he was never going to come back out again.

Then he gave a long shuddering sigh and uncurled himself, pulling me closer, wrapping his strapping arms around me so tightly that for a few moments I tensed up, unsure as to what he was trying to do. Then I realised he was clinging to me, wanting me to hold him, to soothe him. I slowly relaxed my rigid muscles and brought my hands up to gently stroke his back.
He shivered under my touch, and buried his face in my neck. He was still holding me in a death grip, as if afraid I would pull away from him or become insubstantial in some way.

Lindsey kept muttering that he was sorry, like it was a mantra. He had a lot to be sorry about, but he wasn't the only one...

"I feel broken. Can you fix me?"

What was I supposed to say to that? I wasn't a psychiatrist, I didn't have the first clue as to help with this kind of meltdown, this plea for...salvation or absolution of some kind. I was the lsat person qualifed to offer him that.

"We're all broken, Lindsey. Every human being that walks the planet is broken in some way." I brought my fingers up to smooth his brow, to trace the contours of his cheek and jawline. "All of us waiting to be fixed, and comforted, and told that everything is gonna be okay. But it's never going to happen, because the world is a shitty and cruel place to live in. I don't know if I can fix myself let alone try and piece you back together again..."

We lay there for a long time, perhaps an hour. I still hadn't made the call to get the artifact, but I was loathe to just leave Lindsey on the bed, not when he so obviously needed me to be close.

"You feeling better?" I asked tentatively after a while. "Aside from the gaping hole in your foot, of course. And I'm sorry I did that. If I could take it back I would."

(open to Lindsey)

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The night was dark and silent, bringing back plenty of memories for me... patrolling these streets with Buffy, spending time with her friends, defending the world from the Hellmouth...

It made the streets almost oppressive, in a way. Before, when I had been with Buffy, they had seemed almost inviting, someplace I could call my own, as I fought by her side. Well, that was then, and this was now.

And things could never be like that again.

As I approached the park, I could hear the first faint screams... dammit, I was running behind. I sprinted across the small park, shoving branches of a bush out of the way. On the other side, I saw a demon, leaning over two joggers. One was already bleeding from a cut on his arm, the other trembling, face as pale as an anemic's.

I stepped forward, and offered quietly, "Hey. Why don't you play nicely?" The demon turned and glared at me, coming one step closer as it glared at me. I smiled slightly, holding my hands up.

"No?" I asked. The joggers shot me an astounded look, clearly wondering if I was insane. I caught the unwounded one's eyes, and carefully ticked my gaze to the left. He nodded, and grabbed the other by the elbow, hauling him off, more dragging him than helping him.

The demon lumbered forward, and I dodged, kicking it in the back, sending it stumbling behind me. It crashed into the tre headfirst, and I sighed. This demon was so slow and clumsy, it wasn't even funny. Normally, this kind of demon wouldn't even come above ground, let alone attack two humans... but then, everything else was going to hell, so why not this?

As the demon came lurching back, I dodged again, and grabbed it, snapping its neck. As it slumped, I watched it, my expression troubled. After all, there was something happening that made the demons act differently... but then, it could just be because they were figuring out that the Slayer was gone.

When I got back to mansion, I opened the door, and entered. I could hear Fred and Cordelia talking in one of the rooms, and slowly walked closer. I wanted to just say goodnight to them, then try and get some sleep... sleep at least meant that I was thinking, wasn't remembering so many things about here, why I had left...

I stopped in the doorway, looking at the two girls, just watching them for the moment, not wanting to interrupt.

((Open to Fred and Cordelia))
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After settling Cordelia up on the couch with enough pillows to smother a football team, a glass of ice water, migraine medicine, and something to read, I went upstairs to get our rooms ready. She hadn't asked me to do that for her, but I figured if she was hurting, then she probably wouldn't want to deal with finding a room and settling in. I picked the room across from the one I wanted because it had the same excellent view and terrace to use. I somehow, I really wasn't sure how, because her bags were so very heavy, but I did, and somehow managed to drag all seven of Cordy's bags up the stairs and to her room.

I'd found the few cleaning supplies Angel had in the mansion and set about cleaning up the cobwebs, dust, and anything else still yuck left in the room. After taking several cleaning breaks to re-fill Cordelia's glass and find her something new to read, I finally finished cleaning her room. I have to say, Cordelia does know how to pack for a trip. One of her bags was nothing but shoes, while another bag was bed linens and pillows. I made her bed, the sheets only a little too big for this mattress and then hung up all her clothes. Hanging up Cordelia's clothes was like hanging out with the Energizer Bunny: I never thought it would end. She had more clothes than...than...anyone ever!

But, once I finished her room, I quickly cleaned my room and put my few possessions away. I didn't have any sheets or blankets for my bed, but I'm sure when Angel got back from saving those joggers he'd tell me where to find the extras. Or...at least I hope he had extras. I was hoping he had extras..and if he didn't have extras, maybe he had a pillow and a blanket and when Wesley came to Sunnydale, he could bring some with him. I sighed as I finished putting my last shirt in a drawer and was about to sit down when Cordelia called for me again. I hurried downstairs to see Cordy shaking her glass at me for more water.

I made a face behind her and knew that if she could shake the ice in that glass that loud, her head wasn't hurting her that much anymore. I smiled sweetly and took her glass from her, but didn't go get her more water. "I want you to see something, Cordy. Come with me upstairs, ok?" I smiled and walked up half way and waited for her to follow.

[open to Cordy]

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After my unfortunate run in with Willow at the Summers' house, I headed back to my own apartment. As I drove back, I kept replaying in my head what I'd said to her, trying to work out where I had gone wrong, where I'd mistepped in my attempts to make her realise how reckless she had been in trying to resurrect Buffy. Eventually I gave up, and resigned myself to the fact that my relationship with Willow would be somewhat strained until we managed to talk it through.

I still felt that I was right, however. Willow was growing in power, but not necessarily in the wisdom to wield it. I resolved to contact the Coven back in England about her. They might have some advice on how to handle a young, powerful and yet inexperienced witch.

When I arrived home, I found that I had a message from the Watcher's Council to ring them immediately. Since it was not often that the Council contacted me, and certainly not with an 'urgent' proviso, I picked up the phone and dialed the number at once.

It turned out that the Council wanted to reassign me. They had a new project that urgently required my expertise, and since my duty was now done in Sunnydale, I was to return on the next convenient flight to London. I protested that the Hellmouth was still unprotected, but they insisted that it was no longer any of my concern.

It was then that I realised that there might be something further at play here. Perhaps a power struggle in the Council or a larger threat looming that they did not want to discuss with me over the phone. I finally reluctantly agreed to do as they instructed.

After I'd hung up, I sat there, thinking about how my life here in Sunnydale was about to come to a close. So little time for goodbyes. And there was still so much to be done. I needed to be sure that those I cared about would still be safe, would be looked after. I picked up the phone again, and dialed for LA.

"Hello, Wesley? I have a favour to ask..."

(open to Wesley)

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Party could be a good way to relax, even though the said party would be full with people who are watching over you or what the hell ever. I need relaxation. Dancing and stuff like that. It would be nice to get drunk or something too, but I hardly see that happening. I wonder if I think that I'm drunk long enough would I start to feel drunk? Like with those people that gets themselves sick by thinking they're sick...

The Bronze is nice tonight. I really haven't been much here, but I like it. Neat music. Lot of people. Half of them are vampires. Not that it's a good thing, I'm just stating a fact. Everyone seems happy or they all might be on drugs, that's always a possibility, right? Anyway, maybe I could have too whatever they're taking? I could do with some dose of happiness. Or bounciness. Or hyperness. Is hyperness even a word?

At the moment I'm trying to dance. Trying is the code word as the guy I'm dancing with seems to think waving all the time is somewhat cool. How did I end up on the dance floor with him anyway? Leaving now. Really. Aww, he looks sad. Oh, wait that's the light, he doesn't seem to notice I left. Well, that's really nice from him.

"Beer." I say to the bartender as I walk up to the bar. What? I can ask, can't I? The bartender gives me a weird look and doesn't even reply. That is so rude! Shouldn't he ask my ID or something? Not that I have one but still! And I do want beer!

"Hey! I asked for beer!" I yell bit louder and he still doesn't even look my way. Damn! Do I really look that young? I shouldn't taking the fact I'm energy ball old as world. So stupid.

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Finding a room in this “hotel” that didn’t have dead humans littering the decor wasn’t easy, so in the end I settled for cleaning one out myself…Dru and I had to get some minions. The room could have been worse, god knows I'd stayed in worse...of course I'd stayed in far better too, but then I had to remind myself; I wasn't in Sunnydale fine dining and resorts, I was in Sunnydale for something much more amusing. I was in Sunnydale to kill Angelus. So with that in mind, finding suitable accommodations wasn't on the top of my to-do list which made this as good a place to stay as any and what with the all you can eat human buffet downstairs it did have it’s little advantages and however unrefined it was, at least meant a snack at any time of the day or night and let’s not forget that it was a veritable playground for dear Dru, and would hopefully keep her out of my hair during the day.

A little bit of Dru truly went a long, long way.

Over the years I'd learned to...tolerate her, but lately she seemed far worse. Maybe it was being on her own for so long or maybe it was this place, but she didn't seem to stop going on and on about…oh, I don’t even know what, but whatever it was it was enough to make me want to eat her eyeballs. Of course incessant babbling aside, she wasn’t too bad to have around, I could think of worse, plus she didn’t have a penchant for setting her family members on fire or staking her Sire in favour of a vapid blonde cheerleader.

Who was now of course, dead and buried.

I smiled in spite of myself, oh, that little fact gave me no end of pleasure and what’s more, the thought of Angelus grieving for her was positively cheering. Ooh, I bet it was eating him up inside, I could see him now, pining away for her like some soft little schoolboy grieving her death the way I knew he'd never grieved mine…

But none of that mattered now, we neither of us ever pretended our relationship had anything to do with love. Angelus was a good fuck and so deliciously evil that being around him for the best part of 150 years was tolerable, but that was as far as that little story went. Now he had a soul and thought was capable of love, God, did I know better than that! I knew him back when he had a soul the first time, and he wasn’t exactly God’s gift to chivalry. Anyway, it was all water under the bridge now…but I’d do him one last favour for old time’s sake. I’d put him out of his “misery” and send him to his beloved and he wouldn’t have to wait long either, oh no, only about the time it took for me to find his worthless carcass and drive a stake through his snivelling ungrateful heart.

Then he and his Slayer whore could be dead together, how sickeningly romantic. Come to think of it though…I somehow doubted they'd end up in quite the same place.

Of course, fantasy was fun but in order for it to become a reality, I'd need to find where he was wallowing. I felt his presence last night, but where he was hiding still remained to be seen. Of course, I had my ways of finding out.

((Open for Dru and Spike or Angel and Faith.))
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Choking as I woke up I tried to breathe, clutching my hands to my neck I looked up wide eyed at...Angel. "Your here." My voice came out in a ragged whisper. The vision, those demons...blinking back tears I nodded. "Fine, pills are in that bag...you have to go." Stopping to try and swallow I hated the visions, hated the pain, hated my stupid weak human body.

Chill out, chilling out, be one with the chill. Besides, its not like I had a say in the visions, and yes powers-that-be-sitting on their asses I'm looking at you.

"There's a jogger, in the park. Two demons are hunting him...its going to be bad." At least now he had something to do besides sit around and pout about Buffy. He was looking for the right bag to find the pills and I weakly pointed, watching as he finally found the right one.
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